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Intimate concierge


The intimate concept of the Maison Edgar concierge service is based on an approach resolutely focused on refinement and attention to detail.


Inspired by the warm, personalized atmosphere of boutique hotels, we have created an environment where every aspect of rental property management is meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional experience. Our dedicated team is dedicated to understanding and magnifying the unique characteristics of each property, ensuring that every interaction with our guests reflects our commitment.


At Maison Edgar, we believe in creating lasting memories, ensuring that each stay is an authentic and elegant immersion, offering an experience far beyond the ordinary.

Inspired by Boutique Hotels

The concept of boutique hotels emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is often attributed to the Royalton Hotel in New York,opened in 1984 by hotel entrepreneur Ian Schrager and designer Philippe Starck.

Boutique hotels were born from the desire to offer a more personalized and intimate hotel experience, in contrast to large, conventional hotels. These establishments have focused on architectural creativity, bold interior design, attention to detail and premium services to create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

The idea was to create more intimate and engaging spaces, where guests feel less like anonymous visitors and more like guests in a private home. Boutique hotels have also highlighted the importance of location and immersion in local culture, providing a more authentic experience for travelers.

Over the years, the concept of boutique hotels has spread across the world, influencing the hospitality industry as a whole and giving rise to numerous brands and chains that seek to capture the intimate and personalized spirit of these unique establishments. .


By bringing this inspiration together with our expertise in Airbnb property management, we have created a model that results in an exceptional travel experience for our guests. Our intimate approach reflects the soul and charm of Paris while meeting the modern expectations of travelers.


At Maison Edgar, we believe that this fusion of the intimacy of boutique hotels and the convenience of short-term rentals gives rise to a unique experience, which goes beyond traditional accommodation to deliver lasting memories and moments memorable.

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