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The House



By focusing on a small number of customers, we can devote all our energy to meeting their specific needs, creating tailor-made experiences and a privileged relationship.


By being true to our values and expressing our true identity, we create authentic connections with our customers, providing them with a service marked by integrity, transparency and true commitment.


Our passion is reflected in the quality of what we do, enabling us to provide exceptional service and create memorable experiences. By being passionate, we constantly strive to exceed expectations, bringing infectious energy and enthusiasm to everything we do.

The Story of Maison Edgar

Our association is the product of professional love at first sight. We had the same desire to create something unique and authentic, an intimate concierge service in the city of all possibilities, Paris.

Our love for this city is such that we would like to share it with anyone dreaming of traveling and discovering our vibrant and magical capital.

Working on this project required a real creative, organizational and practical effort to refine our idea and make it a reality. Our company must offer impeccable service, exceeding all the expectations of its customers, without pretension and in all simplicity. 


We are happy to be able to share our passion and our advice with our partners, our client-owners and their hosts by offering them a most personalized experience.

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